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Sumi Otoshi - Judo Throw - Video Notes

Video Notes on The Judo Throw Sumi Otoshi

Sumi Otoshi is considered a Te Wasa or hand throw. This video, whilst mostly a good discussion of the technical aspects of the throw there is another comparison throw.

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I have talked about this throw before in Uchi-Mata-Sukashi & Sumi-Otoshi, Compare The Pair and Sumi-Otoshi: Not Uki-Otoshi A Judo Take-down Throw Most Ignore. But whilst the sound on this video is really bad the jist of what the instructor is saying is that Sumi Otoshi is not a version of Okuri Ashi Barai even though the first few steps are the same. He then proceeds to give a good visual demonstration of the technical aspects of this throw.

Instead of Tori's feet coming together after each step, there is a crossover of the feet and instead of closing your arms up to lift, you arc to the rear.

As Tori's arms arc to throw you also push with your hips so that your arms and hip are working together to create the Gake (finish).

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In Randori Sumi Otoshi can be applied as Uke pushes backward, Tori suddenly changes direction but to the side. This can be very useful if your opponent is fighting with stiff arms. When instead of trying to push directly back on Uke you step to the side and take them off balance.

But Sumi Otoshi only works if the moment Tori takes the step to the side and feels Uke off balance the arc using the arms and hip together is applied.

As I said the sound is pretty ordinary but there is still a lot to learn about Sumi Otoshi from this video.

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