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Uchi-Mata-Sukashi & Sumi-Otoshi, Compare The Pair

Uchi-Mata-Sukashi And Sumi-Otoshi, What is The Same And What is Different

Uchi-Mata-Sukashi and Sumi-Otoshi, look very much the same, but it is worth putting into practice what we know about how one throw is distinguished from the other.

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Uchi-Mata-Sukashi is from the expanded Gokyo whereas Sumi-Otoshi is part of professor Kano's original 40 and though they look the same closer inspection reveals a somewhat subtle difference. The direction of Uke.

Uchi-Mata-Sukashi has Uke turning into Tori in an attempt to do Uchi_Mata and Sumi-Otoshi has Tori leading Uke basically into a trap, where he is off-balanced by being too slow to keep up with Tori. Uke is, in fact, going in a different direction for Uchi-Mata-Sukashi than he is going for Sumi-Otoshi. It is worth noting that can be used on much more than Uchi-Mata.

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Is Uchi-Mata-Sukashi A Counter to Uchi-Mata?

So is Uchi-Mata-Sukashi a counter to Uchi-Mata? Well yes, though not just to Uchi mata and it is also a throw in its own right. It's just dependant of Uke having too much momentum as they move past Tori. Hence as a counter, it is useful as such, to a number of other throws where Uke steps in for a throw and misses or just simply steps too far past Tori.

I was going to list a few but that kinda spoils the fun of experimenting to see how it works for you and when it doesn't. Besides, it is too easy to be descriptive and assumes that it only works for those I have listed.


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