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Ushiro-Goshi Counter To Koshi-Guruma - Slow Motion Judo

Ushiro-Goshi Counterintuitive

It's Always fascinated me that Ushiro Goshi is considered a stand-alone throw.

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I mean I've never seen it performed in any situation other than a counter to another Judo throw. In fact, most of the referees that I know consider the throw as a takedown and won't score it when you get your opponent to the ground. I wonder if there are any judo players that practice Ushiro Goshi from their own entry rather waiting for Uki to move in first?

It can be done. All you have to do is preemptively enter from the side of Uki rather that waiting for Uki to step into a throw position. It could be a good throw to use instead of a leg grab which is now illegal in competition.

That said, when I was competing, this used to be one of my favourite throws. But not as a counter to Koshi-Guruma but as a counter to Uppon-Seionage and Uki-Goshi. Especially against those who have only learned those throw in the traditional way. By that I mean if Uke arches their back as they enter the throw.

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If Uke has not broken your balance correctly (Kuzushi) as they enter they are wide open to be thrown with Ushiro-Goshi. If it scores its a bonus but I always prefered to take the fight to the ground anyway so if all I got was a take down and no score I was more than happy.

I have included two versions here. The last one is the latest version from the Kodakan and is included becasue of it's clarity.

The first version of Ushiro Goshi does not show the above entry but it is a nice example of it as a counter and does it in slow motion.

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