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Tai-Otoshi Counter: Ko-Soto-Gake Presented In Slow Motion

A Tai-Otoshi Counter That Simply Works: Ko-Soto-Gake

The beauty of this Tai-Otoshi counter throw is that Ko-Soto-Gake simple and it works. So many counters that I've seen presented over the years leave me in a state of amazement. I have difficulty believing that people have such vivid imaginations.

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I don't mean that to sound derogatory in any way. I am genuinely impressed that people can come up with such elaborate techniques.

I'm also not saying that these elaborate Judo throws don't work; most of them probably do. But they hardly fulfil that "maximum efficiency for minimum effort" category.

I'm not a person who likes complicated. Not only that but I find the simpler a throw the more likely you are going to be able to practice it to the point it is both effective and efficient.

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This video gives a very clear view of one of the most popular judo throws, Tai-O-Toshi being countered by a much less popular Judo throw Ko-Soto-Gake.

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