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Road Rage Needs Self Defence (Defense)

Road Rage: A different kind of beast

I wasn't ever planning on writing anything on Road Rage. I didn't think that it was relevant. I was reminded however that this blog is about all things self-defence. And defending against Road Rage seems to me to be just as much about self-defence as anything.

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I must say I'm no expert on this subject. I do sometimes find myself laughing at silly drivers who get annoyed with me because I insist on diving at the speed limit. That is probably not a good idea. But I have to confess to laughing even more when I almost inevitably pull up beside them at the lights. I do try not to let them see me do it though.

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I am far from a perfect driver, however. I was told off by my a workmate once because I had cut him off at the lights the previous day, as we were going home from work. He was very good about it and I did apologize as I really had no idea that I had done it.

Good safety rules for a road rage that could have potentially been associated with these instances, seem like a really good idea when I came across this article called "Road Rage – Five Tips for Staying Safe!". I actually remember seeing the Disney cartoon referred to. I thought it very funny at the time. But now it just seems scary.

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