Judo Breakfall Stories 2 - About How They Saved Lives

How Judo Breakfalls Possibly Saved My Wife and Child

From time to time I conduct Self Defense courses for ladies. I only do this on request and their has to be more than one lady involved. I will not do private lessons for women. But I always wanted to teach my wife Judo Breakfalls.

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Some of the ladies from my church requested such a short course. My wife who was never keen on doing a course with me (the only person I would have done private lessons for) decided that she would also attend since she had some friends to do it with.

It was a very successful course and I was very please with the progress that had been made.

Some time later, when my wife was carrying our forth child in late term, we had occasion to visit the Twelve Apostles. A very famous and popular tourist spot here in Victoria (Australia).

On occasions however it can be extremely windy.

It was particularly windy on this day whilst we were viewing one of the massive sand stone monoliths and we had decided that we would retreat to the car for a while.

To this day we do not know whether wind was a direct cause or if it was that the wind had created fatigue but I suddenly saw my wife heading for an almighty fall.

It's funny how even the smallest amount of training can help in a fall. I would not call what my wife did, the best break fall I have ever seen but what she did was far more effective that what she used to do.

Instead of putting her hands out directly in front of her like she was used to doing she rolled. Like I said it was not the best roll but it was more than sufficient to protect her and the baby.

Break falls save lives because they work.

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