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Women In Judo And My Favorite Self Defense Stories

Women In Judo Are A Force To Be Reckoned With

You don't mess with women in Judo. Women have been involved in Judo from its very early inception.

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Rumour has it that one of Professor Kano's very first female students disabled an attacker by braking his writs.

Some of my favourite stories of women defending themselves come from an old book on Judo Self Defense for women, creatively enough called: Judo for Women: A Manual of Self Defense.

The first story is about a young lady, a student from the school of the author of the book above, that was accosted when returning to her car. An assailant tried to grab her wrist.

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Apparently, the young lady looked at the hand that was holding her and let out an audible "humph" of contempt and immediately proceeded to free herself as she had been taught. The assailant was so disturbed by the show of confidence and ease at which the young lady released herself he promptly walked off. Perhaps we should say he very promptly walked off.

The second story is of another young lady who was confronted by an obnoxious man whilst on the train one day. This man insisted on rubbing up against her. She was very annoyed and aggressively took her Judo club membership card and showed it to this obnoxious man. Not the wisest idea perhaps but in this case very effective. The man immediately removed himself and she had no further trouble.

Though it probably goes without saying, confident women are a force to be reckoned with and that is no less the case for women in Judo.

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