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Self Defense Story: For A 5 Year Old Being Kissed By A Boy

Her name is Jenny and I just have to share her self defense story!

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She came to me one day and said: "Sensei, I used my self defense, that you had taught me, today".

The Self Defense Story Of A Preschool Student

She continued: "One of the boys at Kinda was trying to Kiss me and I didn't want him to. So I pushed him away. He didn't like it so he grabbed my wrist. I did what you showed us and 'excaped'. He grabbed both wrists and so I 'excaped' again. The boy said "Hmmph" and walked away.

I asked her if she was happy to have done what she had done and she said: "yes".

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I said, with the straightest face I could muster that I was very proud of her.

How could I not be? After all, isn't a little girl allowed to avoid being kissed if she wants to? And what better confirmation that a young person has gained significant confidence could there be than her story.

After all, the most important factor in looking out for yourself is self-confidence and this little girl has plenty now.

She came on to the mat ever so shy and now look at her. And she is only 5.

This is one self-defense story I'm going to cherish.

Post Note: This young girl is now a young woman and her family has moved away for work reasons. But we are still friends on Facebook.

There was a photo of her recently, standing, holding a knife after cutting her brothers birthday cake. There was a certain look in her eye and the way she stood exuded confidence.

They say a picture can speak a thousand words and this one was no exception. I commented on Jenny's stance with the knife, saying that I don't think anybody is going to mess with her. Her Fathers reply was: "Oh Yeah!

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