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Women’s Self-Defense (BJJ Punch Protection) Really?

Summary and Critique of Punch Block Stages for Self-Defense

In this video (below), we explore the punch block series for self-defence, a technique designed to help individuals, especially women, defend themselves when trapped under a larger, stronger attacker. This method involves a series of stages aimed at neutralizing the attacker's ability to inflict damage and creating opportunities to escape. While the approach is commendable and offers some practical elements, it is essential to critically assess its effectiveness in real-world scenarios.

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The video below can be summarized as follows:

When trapped under a larger, stronger attacker, it's important to learn the punch block series.

Stage One

Cross your legs and pull the attacker close, controlling their head and arm to prevent effective punches. Stay connected if they try to sit up or bite. If they push off your body, swim your arms inside to maintain closeness. For body shots, insert your shins and hook their triceps.

Stage Two

Ensure your forearms and thighs are connected to block punches. If they slip their head out and posture up, push away with your knees on their chest and elevate your hips to keep them at a distance. If they stand up, uncross your legs, drop your feet to their hips, and keep them away until you can pull them back into stage one.

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The Critique

I do not ever want to be seen to be putting down another martial art or artist. I applaud that this martial arts school is teaching women to defend themselves. I also have to say that any attempt to fight back by a woman and any tools that can be used to do that is worth a try. There is little doubt that fighting back has a greater chance of succeeding than not. Even though the consequences of it not working are potentially fatal. Thus with such high stakes, no one has the right to be critical of a woman's choice to fight or not.

However, in the case of this video, I regret to say that, for the most part, this would not work. The only things that may be useful are the head guard with the arms and, if the opportunity presented itself, the pushing away with the legs.

Of course, it would be good to have evidence that what I am saying is true. So let me recommend that any doubter simply watches MMA fights on YouTube where one of the fighters gets trapped on the ground. If the pulling close to the body worked, do you not think that professional fighters would implement it when they are in the exact same position as this woman is simulating? But they don't; mostly, they just protect their heads and wait for some break in the onslaught or the referee breaks it up.

A Sad Reality

The reality is that in such a situation, the only thing that would work is protecting yourself so that you try and stay conscious enough to get away if the opportunity presented itself or gain only if the opportunity presented itself, retaliation such as eye gouging or ear slapping. Either of those attacks would have to be sudden and with every intention to do as much very serious damage as possible.