Obi Tori Gaeshi, Sumi Gaeshi: Variant or Different Judo Throw?

I Can't Work Out If Obi Tori Gaeshi And Sumi Gaeshi Are The Same Throw

Is this another version of Sumi Gaeshi or is it something quite distinctive?
(See Video Below)

My first thoughts are Obi Tori Gaeshi is a version of Sumi Gaeshi

My first thoughts where that Obi Tori Gaeshi is another version of Sumi Gaeshi because of the leg going through between the legs of Uke. But that does not mean that it is the same.

Remember that the definition of a throw being different from other throws, is not what your body does but whether you break the balance of you opponent differently.

A close look at this throw does show that the Kasushi is quite different from Sumi Gaeshi so I'm inclined to suggest that it is not a variation but something quite different.

It's an interesting throw but if you are planning on using it in competition then you are certainly one of the more adventurous Judoka. I can see it as being very effective, if you are prepared to risk the referee not getting confused about you going on your back first.

It is an unfortunate reality that many competitive players will not do sacrifice throws because of the concern that, even though they initiate the throw the referee may score against then because their back hit the mat first.

But unless you plan on competing in Elite tournaments, this throw may be worth the risk. If for no other reason than the pure fun of trying something new. And there is certainly no reason why you can't practice it in the club.

In fact if you do plan on trying this in a contest please do practice it well first. I have some significant concerns about Ukes head being rammed into the mat if this is executed poorly.

Oh and remember that you only have less than 5 seconds after you grab the belt to complete the throw or you will get penalty.

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