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Womens Self Defence: Old Time Video

Women's Self Defense Confidence

I just love this video (below). The swagger on the young woman as she confidently goes through her moves is just superb. And you know what, with that confidence, I am quite sure that she could defend herself successfully. After all, the most important tools in any self-defence program are confidence and surprise.

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Given the size and weight that this woman is given away here, confidence and surprise may be the only thing she has going for her. That's because surprise would possibly the only thing that could make these things work.

For example, in the uki Goshi done in the video, the women is already put off balance and then she carries out the throw. Now I'm not saying that you can't recover from being put off balance but you are going to have to re-position yourself a bit better to initiate the throw.

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If Your A Slip Of A Woman

Still, if your a slip of a woman and some great overconfident oaf tries to be smart with you, I would think any kind of smooth move would put the wind up the oaf.

What I love the most is the women in the background exercising during the whole performance. I had to ask myself "I wonder if she was put there to distract from the stage show, so you can't pick any faults.

I also couldn't help but notice that the woman defender had heal's on. Yet she felt so confident that she never once felt the need to resort to using them to defend herself.

Don't get me wrong, this is a fun video and as I have said I just love it despite its self-defence flaws. There are lots of things to notice that will amuse you if you care to take the time to watch closely and more than once. I had a smile on my face for ages after watching it a couple of times.

I do hope however that we have come along a bit further with our teaching of women.

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