Protect Your Fingers: 3 Different Ways For Judo & BJJ

Protecting Your Fingers

If you read my blog regularly you will know how I feel about grip fighting.

But it is a reality and so you may want to protect your fingers.

When I was competing I never felt the need to do anything to stop damage to my fingers. Whether that was because I refused to participate in the stupidity or I was just plain lucky, no one will ever be able to know for sure. But plenty of players did feel the need to protect their fingers.

There are still plenty of players who still do feel the need, despite the new rules. Fair enough too as there is still a certain amount of grip fighting that goes on. It has been curbed significantly thankfully but it still exists.

I venture to say that even if there were no grip fighting, you could argue that there still would be a need to look after your digits. After all this is a martial art and things go wrong.

To that end I have come across this article which has a nice collection of videos, showing 3 different ways on how to protect your fingers.

It's worth the read and watching.

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