Self Defence: A Judo Based Program

My Self Defence Dilemma

I never used to teach self defence.

I always assumed that Judo was enough in itself.

I also found that if you subjected your students to enough competition their confidence rose so high that any form of bullying problems that they had been experiencing slowly stopped anyway; so there seemed no point.

Then I had a student come to me specifically looking for a solution to overcome the severe problem he was experiencing. I did all the usual things for the first class. I taught him some breakfalls and a throw and a hold down and sent him on his way with the usual "I'll see you next week". The child was happy and very excited with what he was learning.

The next week only his mother turned up saying "I've tried my hardest but I just can't convinced him to come back". Apparently during the week he had coped a particularly bad bought of bullying and he had tried to use what he had learned. Unfortunately his inexperience did not serve him well and he came off second best. Everything would have changed for him over time but he could not see that.

I thought back to my own experience of when I was growing up and came to realize that a victim has such low confidence that there is no real way for them to comprehend that over time what they learn will make things better. They need relief now!

So I started to research age appropriate, fast acting self defence that does not mean you create a backside kicking monster. Rather the student should become someone who uses smart skills. Someone who can approach each situation they confront, with the assurance that what they will do is well with in their capability.

What did I come up with? Well you can find what I came up with at Newport Judo Self Defense system The syllabus continues to be modified as time goes on and I find better and better material. But the good guts of it is all there.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

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