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Practical Self Defence: How To Empower Without Blame

Practical Self Defence is Empowering

People often come to learn self defense because they are either afraid of being a victim or have been a victim. Practical self defence is indeed empowering and takes away the blame.

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The more research that I do into self defence the more I realize that no matter what you do to improve how you present it, there is always a risk of blaming the victim.

I really don't even like the term victim. These days it implies that one was powerless and no matter how badly I suffer I will never admit that I am powerless. As long as I am alive I have the power to do something. If I don't know what that something is it is my job to find out and do it.

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Anybody who reads my blog should know that I am a big fan of Kid Power and through them, I was directed to what I consider to be a very good article called:

How to empower without blaming victims

You will have to login to get the article but it's free to do so.

It challenges us to change what we say to words that empower. It is not easy to implement as it requires us to change the way we speak but that is what truly practical self defence does. I think it is well worth the effort of learning how not to blame those that don't deserve it.

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