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Tadoku Renshu: Things To Remember

Tadoku Renshu: Things To Remember

Some time ago I wrote an article on In Praise of Kata For Exerciser: Tandoku Renshu. I submitted it to a forum for review and I could not believe the barrage of ... well, shall we say the article was not meant to be controversial but somehow ended up so? In fact I stopped submitting stuff to that forum because it was just such an unpleasant experience.

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I mention this because I am very happy to receive comment on anything I write but I have no interest in being flamed no matter how much one disagrees with me or being abused because you think you know more than me.

However, I have wanted to make a few add comments to my article for some time and I have decided that it is time. So with the above in mind here they are for your thoughts.

General things to remember:
  1. Breathe
  2. Keep your back straight except where bending (seems obvious but easily forgotten)
  3. It is an exercise and although it is based on real strikes and kicks and punches the main idea is to stretch and improve cardio, so all the moves may be exaggerated and can be done at different speeds.
  4. Don't let yourself be limited by artificial traditions. The exercise is tradition.

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Finally let me say that, although Tandoku Renshu forms a part of a larger Kata it is practised as a stand-alone Kata also. Particularly by the Women in the early days of the Kodokan. So don't be afraid of practising it as such.

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