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Bernard Does Judo - A Match to Dream of

Bernard Does Judo

Do you ever wish that you could fight a judo match like they do in the cartoons? Then this video of Bernard does Judo is the match of your dreams. 

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Have ever wanted to throw you, opponent, with a move that you know is illegal?

Do you dream of being a cartoon character so you could do things that were impossible in real life?

Well, I can't really help you much. Apart from saying I know where you are coming from.

I remember when I was very young before I had started Judo, reading on the back of comic books about the Super feats that you would be able to do if you just subscribed to the on line Jujitsu course they were offering. But of course, I never had the money so I was never going to be able to pay for the course. And it kind of didn't matter because I was superman anyway.

Of course what makes this video funny is that all the things that are humanly possible are largely not legal in a Judo contest. :{

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Unfortunalty this video has bee removed from YouTube. If anybody find it please let me know. I did enjoy it. I have kept thepost up however, becasue even without the video I think it is food for thought.

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