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Focus, Change & Doing More Circuits

Focus, Change and Doing More Circuits

Despite all my experience in dealing with difficult behaviour in children, I sometimes need reminding that one of the most crucial control factors is focus. Different children and indeed different groups of children need to have a focus and it will be different in each case.

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Some will need Judo games to keep that focus some need exercise, some need drills and some need competition to be their focus. The trick is to be able to figure out which one or combination is the key to the focus of any particular group or child.

I was reminded of this when I read Why I Am Doing More Circuits blog post. So I modified my next class to include more circuits just to see the affect. I was impressed to see the change in the class.

There was an instant change in the focus in children who had been frankly, floundering.

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The other thing that I noticed was because I was putting so much more into the class myself, my own focus changed. Now this may be the actual reason or it may merely be a contributing factor to the change in the class but I'm not sure that it matters. The fact is that the change was there and therefore the new structure is worth keeping: until it stops working.

There was one other thing I noticed: I was tired, much more than usual, at the end of that particular class. Hmm... imagine that; more work makes you more tired... who'd of thought ;)

I'm going to keep the circuits but I will also keep changing the class structure because one thing is certain, change properly managed, will always bring improvement.

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