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Uchi Mata - The Judo Thow of Kings - If You Can Do It

Uchi Mata Is My Nemesis

The only time I was ever able to pull Uchi Mata off in competition was often more by accident than on purpose.

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    The fact is, as you can see from the video, that there are two main ways to throw with Uchi Mata:
  1. With your leg higher than your head or at least heading that way.
  2. Mounting Uke on your hip, lifting your leg as high as you can between their legs whilst they are mounted and twisting.

Whilst it is dead easy in practice with a cooperating partner it is a real skill to pull off on someone that does not want to be thrown.

I have seen players that are real masters of this throw and I have seen plenty that are masters only in practice. But I have no idea how to turn the latter into the former.

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The only things that I am convinced of are that it is a leg throw (despite what some will argue that it is a hip throw) because it is in the leg throw portion of the Negi No Kata.


That all those who try to teach it as a wrong leg version, that is where you sweep the same side leg as your throwing leg, are actually teaching Hane Goshi. It has to be because the kushi is the same.

Here is a Fantastic Uchimata

The tile and the videos speak for themselves.

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