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Resistance & Judo Practice. It's Mutual Welfare and Benefit

Resistance During Judo Practice

Whilst reading So .... I got arm barred I am reminded how much I hate players who won't practice properly. Those who refuse to cooperate and who resist every move that you make. All on the basis of "look how good I am, I can beat you even in practice".

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Practice requires cooperation in order for everyone to be able to learn to fit the throw or hold, correctly and effectively. If you are not cooperating, you are not learning and you are certainly not helping you, partner, to learn.

I remember reading that professor Kano once said: "If you want to see real judo go and watch the women". In those days the only thing that women did in those days was kata and the reference was to the cooperation between them that was required in order for the kata to work well.

As far as armbars go I vividly remember, as a junior, standing up one time and refusing to continue the fight. I said to the referee: "he can have the fight because if I put that armbar on any more I will have to feel his arm break and I'm not prepared to do that". Refusing to submit until your arm breaks is just stupid it's not being a good judoka.

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"Mutual Welfare and Benefit" is not fulfilled if you break an arm because of stubbornness or if you won't cooperate in a practice session because you think you are better than that.

"Maximum efficiency for minimum effort and Mutual Welfare and Benefit" is the very definition of Judo. So if you are not cooperating or refusing to submit so that your opponent is forced to break your arm, you truly are Not doing Judo and are not a true Judoka.

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