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Making Kids Kiss, Tickling, Rough Play: Fun, Politeness & Safety

Making Kids Kiss: It's Not Always About Politeness

Don't you just love watching the Mums making kids Kiss grandma, grandpa, uncle and auntie when "Family" come to visit? And isn't the rough and tumble Fun.

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Stop! Think! It can be fun but for many, it's not!

I wrote an article some time ago that becomes particularly appropriate at this time of year. I'd hope that it's relevant all year round but there are more visits at this time of year so now is a good time to talk about it. It's called "Adults, Children and Rough Play"

But there is more. When you have finished reading that and confronted the challenge I hope, I'd like you to turn your attention to "Kisses". More particularly to making kids Kiss.

In her article, Amy Tiemann has written something that I think builds on what I have said in my article. Her article is called "No Forced Kisses for Your Kids: A Holiday Safety Tip for Families" I think not only should every caring Martial Arts instructor read this but every parent. Put it into action in your own life as well as in those around you.

Before You Write Me Off As A Killjoy

Before you write me off as a killjoy, whose views are tied up in a mess of political correctness, just think of those around you. This is not about political correctness and it is defiantly not about spoiling everyone's fun when they go to a party of family gathering. It's about considering others.

Do you really want to be the adults that think they are loved by every child in the family only to discover that the game of running away from you is not a game but the child is really terrified of you? Of course, it's not true...but is it?

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Lots of children love this kind of play but lots don't and they can't or won't tell you. So before you force a kiss on someone or start that tickling game... STOP! Take the time to get to know the other person and know what they really like and what they don't really like. Your relationship will be better for it.

But it's even more than that.
It's about safety.
Yes Safety.

Force Yourself On People They Learn They Don't Have A Choice

Remember if you force yourself on people then they learn that they don't have a choice. And people who don't have a choice become victims. But everybody should have a choice and you should be the one to help them know this.

So why not be someone who people really want to visit and don't be making kids kiss the relative. In fact, don't force anything.

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