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Kata Gurmma - No Leg Grab Version - Judo Throw

Legless Kata Garumma: Not New But More Relevant

This version of the Kata Garumma Judo throw has been around for a while now.

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It has been considered to be a competition version. I don't really know why. I think that it may be because you didn't have the delay of reaching through to the leg and therefore you could perform the throw better.

Now with the advent of the stupid no leg grab rule, competitors are looking for ways to exploit other action.

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The entry into the throw is quite difficult to achieve in a contest. You have to be quick. In fact, if you are not quick you could end up with a penalty in your set up phase because you are not allowed to hold on to the same side of the label for more than a few moments and you must be clearly attempting a throw in order for it to be allowed at all.

Basically, this is a great competition throw if you can pull it off.

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