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Anger: Judo, Competition And Life

Getting Angry In Judo

I used to believe that I should never get angry.

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I had a Sensei that used to get quite frustrated with me, that no matter what he did I would just smile and take it.

Don’t get me wrong he would never hurt me just constantly throw me. I could never understand his frustration as in throwing me I was never hurt so I didn't see any need to get angry.

Nowadays I can get quite angry. I still think I have a lot more control than others but I feel the need to “let it all out” as it were much more often than I ever used to.

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Sometimes it is empowering to let the anger out, after all, wasn't it St Paul that said: "be ye angry and sin not". However, I look back on the time when I thought that not getting angry was the best thing to do. I think that despite some things getting pent up inside me, I was a much calmer person.

I think I am going to work on being calmer instead of not getting angry.

Whether I succeed or not, I will be forever grateful to all the years I have spent in Judo, particularly in competition learning how to direct my anger. Despite what we have seen on television over the years of athletes losing it when they don't win, these I believe are the exception, not the rule.

I am convinced that there is nothing like competition, certainly full contact competition as in judo, to help you direct your anger in the right way. I have seen children over the years in my clubs develop from angry young people to great kids to be of this persuasion.

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