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Bully The Bullies: Endemic Nature Of Bullying

Bullying Is Endemic

The issue of child bullying is endemic and although I would like to think otherwise it seems that sometimes there is no other alternative but to bully the bullies.

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Despite all the effort, I put into teaching my students conflict avoidance (I have written several articles on the subject of Bullying and there will be more), I still from time to time get children or parents coming to me telling me of the stories of being bullied at school.

Most are from new students that the parents have actually brought them to class in order to deal with this issue of child bullying in the first place. However one of my longer-term students came to me the other day at the urging of his parent to tell me of one child that was constantly hurting him.

Sometimes You Have To Bully The Bullies

The problem is that I seem to be teaching restraint to my students a little too well. And we had to talk about whether he had the freedom to act for his own safety.

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One of the most significant factors in this aspect of child safety is, in some cases, very few in my experience, but enough to continue to be a problem, the fact that some children, particularly boys, only seem to understand the language of aggression. Sometimes, as I had to explain to this student, there is no other way except to fight back.

It seems to have worked in this case anyway, in that I was told by my student that now the bully is scared of him. I guess it is always going to be a struggle to strike a balance between harm minimization and aggression. Though I'm not convinced they are mutually exclusive in bullying; not in all cases anyway.

I live in hope that someone, someday will come up with an alternative to having to bully the bullies but in the meantime, it seems that sometimes you have to.

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