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Sumi-Otoshi: Not Uki-Otoshi A Judo Take-down Throw Most Ignore

Sumi-Otoshi Misunderstood

Sumi-Toshi, in my experience, has only one version that is ever performed in a contest. The one in the second video (below) controlling the arm. Even then it is rare, though it is often very effective when it is used.

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It has the same shortcomings as Uki-Otoshi. However, I think that it is a shame that it is not more widely practised. Whilst I acknowledge that it requires more precise timing that just about any other throw it seems to me that it is also the epitome of Judo in that it does require every attempt to perfect it in order to use it.

I fully accept it's difficulty thought the version that raises the arm is easier. But the level of difficulty seems to me to be the point. To me winning is always been more about how skillfully I performed a throw than whether I actually won or not.

Not So Difficult in Self-defence

Having said the I acknowledge the level of difficulty I need to qualify that. It is only difficult because my opposing Judoka has a concept of balance that most others do not have. I say this because I have had the occasion where I have had to use my Judo to defend myself. Sumi-Otoshi was by far the most effective... in that my aggressor went flying all because the had no balance.

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The Difference Between Uki-Otoshi and Sumi-Otoshi

As have done previously I have included two videos below, but the second video in this case, not only includes a commentary and verbal description of the throw but it also gives what I think is a clear description of the difference between Uki-Otoshi and Sumi-Otoshi as well as the different versions of the throw. In contrast, the first video is very clear but restricts itself to the one version with the hand on the collar and not the arm.

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