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Yama-Arashi Judo Throw: Two Hands One Collar - Same Side Grip

Yama-Arashi Judo Throw single Collar Grip

It would be a mistake to think that this throw is defined by the double-handed collar grip. Yes at first glance the grip does appear to be the defining thing about this throw however, Yama Arashi as with all Judo throws in the Gokyo is defined by it's Kazushi, not by the way you place your hands.

Image of Newport Judo Logo - This article is about Yama-arashi. A Judo throw of the Kodakan Gokyo
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It is easy to be distracted by the hand however, just as with every trick, whether it be magic or Judo the hands redirect your opponent away from what is really going on.

Do you see what I did there? I wonder how many are now being distracted by my using the word "trick" and are now going to be so concentrating on that they can't concentrate on the rest of the post.

This Throw Is About Distraction

This is exactly what this throw is about "distraction". Uke is so busy being distracted by the double-handed collar grip and resisting the downward action by trying to stand up, that they miss the fact that, their standing up is exactly what Tori wants them to do. Tori suddenly reverses the downward movement and springs up. Now the double-handed collar grip comes into play by braking the balance forward and to the right (or left if that is the grip Tori has.

Double lapel grips are very successful in winning contests because of the power they generate in moving in the direction of the broken balance. but they do come with a big disadvantage. Unless you execute straight away you can be penalised for having your hands on the same side of the jacket. So if you miss your attempt, get rid of the grip ASAP.

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By the way, "trick" is actually a perfectly legitimate way to refer to throws if the translation from the older books is to be accepted that is. According to them, the word trick was always used to refer to the execution of all throws. presumably, because Uke was being tricked into being thrown.

As usual, enjoy the two videos below. One descriptive one with a clear picture.

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