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Uki-otoshi: A Competition Judo Throw & The Kata Version

Uki-otoshi: A Judo Competition Throw and For Kata

It is a strange thing that Uki-Otoshi is seen purely as a Judo Kata throw. This throw is a perfectly good competition throw. You may not score points for it, as some referees for some reason that I don't know, don't score takedowns but that should not stop you for using it.

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I think the no score has to do with the referee not being able to tell if Uke fell by themselves or if they were thrown. But I feel certain that if you executed Uki Otoshi well and your Uke landed with force then you would score. It does seem to be up to the referee however as I have experienced both score and no score.

As Judoka who is happy to go to the ground, it matters little to me if I get a score or not because as soon as I throw (or should I put that in the past tense because I don't compete anymore) I expect to be going straight into groundwork.

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In the case of the two videos below, I have done the usual in that one is clearer video than the other and one has commentary. But in the instance, it is also because one is purely the competition version and the other includes both the competition and the Kata versions.

Use this link to see the full kata (Nege NO Kata) that included Uki-Otoshi in action.

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