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Knife Disarm Technique Performed In Real Life

The video below, discusses street footage capturing an incident involving an armed man being disarmed by another individual using a technique commonly seen in Aikido. That this particular technique was a fundamental part of his training.

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While the methodology of training may vary in different martial arts disciplines, similar techniques exist in Judo Kata and old Jujitsu. The significance of the footage, despite its widespread circulation on the internet, provides an opportunity to analyze and discuss the technique in question.

The Knife disarming technique demonstrated in the footage involves the person sneaking up behind the armed man, swiftly grabbing his wrist and arm, and creating a circular motion with the hand. Additionally, the person uses their leg to bring the armed man down. Using the leg is not necessary for the technique to work, but it can be helpful in effectively immobilizing the opponent.

The prompt arrival of backup in the video emphasizes the importance of training for such scenarios, emphasizing that these aspects are crucial in martial arts training, regardless of whether one is a competitor or not.

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A basic form of the technique is where the practitioner circles around the opponent, grabs the inside of their palm, and forcefully drives the opponent down using both hands. Kyuzo Mifune, demonstrating a similar technique against a knife. Mifune's demonstration showcases the significance of dropping one's weight to maximize leverage and control over the opponent.

Addressing a potential criticism that the technique only works because the person in the video was able to sneak up on the armed man, Chadi argues that in situations involving an armed and dangerous individual, employing the element of surprise is a vital tactic. He believes that having every possible advantage is essential in such scenarios, and therefore, sneaking up on the opponent can be an effective strategy.

The training methodology in Aikido differs, involving the drawing of large circles and serving as a demonstration of philosophy.

On a side note: Judo's Goshin Jitsu Kata is where you will see one of the knife diarming techniques. I teach a form of thisknife disarming in my Looking out For Yourself - Ladies self-defence course.

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