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Goshin Jutsu: Where To Stand And Place The Weapons

Goshin Jutsu: Standing and Weapon Placement Woes

Do you struggle with where to stand and place the weapons in Goshin Jutsu Kata? And the placement of those weapons Arhh!

It's one thing to see the video's (for example see below) of how to do it and another altogether to keep orientated.

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In theory, it seems so simple

All you do is place the weapons at the start of the first set and change sides every time you complete something. But the reality is that after the first 2 movements you often find yourself totally disorientated and can't even remember where you started. For that matter sometimes it doesn't even take the first to movements for some of us.

A Helpful PDF

A number of years ago I reached out to a friend about this very problem and he (who is always very willing to help) very kindly sent me this pdf that displays exactly where you should be standing at the end of every movement (using your feet for orientation). I won't mention his name as I have not asked him if he is happy to let me do that but I'm pretty sure he won't mind me publishing his document. If he does he will let me know and I take this down.

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Never-the-less I have found the document very useful.

Knowing where to place your feet is extremely important if you want to do this Kata for competition purposes and if you struggling with this then you should find this document very useful.

Of course, if all you want to do is learn the actions purely for self-defence you won't mind much where you end up standing and for some of my students, that is the case. Still, I always encourage everybody to try to get the competition movements if for no other reason than keeping yourself disciplined as I am a big believer that discipline is very important to self-defence.

However whatever your reasons I hope that you find the document useful and that it helps keep you on track as to where you are when you are doing the Goshin Jutsu Kata.

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