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Martial Arts and Health: Are You Getting Enough Sleep

What Does Martial Arts and Health Have To Do With Sleep

Here is a concept to ponder: "If you immediately crash when your head hits the pillow, and need an alarm to get out of bed every morning, you’re most certainly deprived of sleep." It's from an article about Martial Arts and Sleep.

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There are always all sorts of claims that are made about Martial arts and health, most are either nonsense or can be made for any sport. The above article on Martial arts and sleep could probably be applied to every sport. However, that does not depreciate the point it is making. If you are going to compete in any sport you have to get enough sleep to remain healthy and to be at your peak performance. Martial Arts including Judo is no exception.

The thing of course that makes the above article interesting to a Judoka is that it is written to Judo people. What made it of particular interest to me is that it takes some very complex information and puts it in a way that can be understood by most anybody.

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What Constitutes A Good Sleep

I have been a Judo coach for a long time and a Judoka for even longer and most of this information is not new to me. However, the description of what constitutes a good sleep is the best I have ever read. By the way, you will have to read the article to get that description, I would not want to spoil it for you except to say that although the above quote sounds controversial it is not actually, and it is not the definition of sleep that in the article. But hopefully is tantalizing enough for you to go and read the full article.

Go and read the article. I promise it will be worth it and you will get something out of it even if you don't compete.

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