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At What Age Should You Start Judo?

At What Age Should You Start Judo?

The question is not really one of, “At What Age Should You Start Judo?” It's more about what age are you now. You see, Judo students are accepted as young as 4 or 5 on a case-by-case basis, but more regularly the starting age may be anywhere from 6 years old all the way up to whatever age you are now and older in some cases.

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New Judo students (Judoka) can start at practically any age because Judoka progress at their own pace. No one is expected to do more than they can and providing opportunities for students to develop quickly is just as important. As well as that there is always a general warm-up and stretching period to make sure the chance of injury is minimised.

All Judoka, not just the new ones, work with a diverse range of players who wants to look after each other because they know that that is the best way to improve. This is a basic tenant of Judo “Maximum Efficiency For Minimum Effort And Mutual Welfare And Benefit”.

What do you want to achieve in Judo?

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The question “At What Age Should You Start Judo?” is really very similar to the question, “What Is The Best Age To Start Judo?”. In that, the starting age is not nearly as important as what you want to achieve in Judo. Judo can be used as a very interesting way to help develop fitness and competing at whatever level you like is heavily related to fitness. But Judo is also, of its own nature self-defence, it just depends on what, how and how much you practice.

So at what age should you start judo? My personal advice is to do a trial class and see if Judo is a good fit.

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