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Is Judo Good For 4-year-olds?

Is Judo Good For 4-year-olds?

Do I have 4 year old's in my kid's judo classes? Absolutely I do. But when I get an enquiry from a parent as to whether I take 4 year old in my classes the answer is always that it depends.

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There are quite a few Judo clubs around the world that are happy to take on 4 year old and Newport Judo Kid's Judo classes are no exception but from my experience, it is not as simple as just having a 4-year-old class.

When I get inquiries about 4-year-old classes, I always suggest to parents, to bring their child along to the first class, which is always absolutely free with no obligation and see if they are ready for the Judo environment of Newport Judo.

The first free class is the perfect opportunity for the child to explore Judo and for the parents and instructor to see if the child and the class are a good fit. The problem is that some 4-year-olds are not ready to follow the type of instructions at our club for an hour. They always love coming onto the mat but then all they want to do is play. This would not be a problem if they wanted to play what everybody else is playing but they are not always ready to do that and just want to play what they want to play.

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Such behaviour is not extraordinary in any way for a 4-year-old and it does not mean they are bad or poorly bought up. It's just where they are in their normal stage of development.

Now there are Judo clubs where that does not matter because they set up special classes they are basically playing and tumble classes and that is certainly something I would do if ever I got enough interest. But such activities are not suited to a general kids' Judo class.

I did try to set up a play and tumble class but I did not get enough interest. I didn't, however, run a 5-year-old class for a while but I found that the parents got used to the time slot and did not want to move their children when they got more advanced. So I only have a general kids Judo class now and that only suits certain 4-year-olds

So as I said, if you would like your 4-year-old to try Judo I welcome you and let's see if your child and Newport Judo are a good fit by coming along to your first free class.

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