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Aikido vs Judo - Real Sparring?

Aikido vs Judo - Real Sparring?

There are lots of assumptions made in this video but still, I was impressed that it seemed to be a genuine effort to compare the two martial arts of Aikido and Judo.

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For my liking, Aikido often has way too many movements in its techniques. I don't mean that it is a bad thing just that it is not a style that suits my personality. It's the same as me saying that I don't like Karate. Not because it is an ineffective martial art. It defiantly is effective and I never want to be on the end of a good practitioner's strike or kick, it just doesn't suit may mind set. The constant repetitive movement needed to learn a technique efficiently just does my head in.

In the same way, Aikido's apparent concentration on the windmill effect is not me. All that spinning around is not something I enjoy. That said, the very windmill action that I do not enjoy has a lot to teach a Judoka (Judo practitioner) about a number of, possibly most of, the throws in the Judo syllabus. If you don't believe me try and add the windmill action to some of your throws and I bet they will improve. Not all of them but a lot of them.

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    Effectiveness of Aikido Aganst Judo

Even so, I have to say I have always wondered about the effectiveness of Aikido. Only from a reading perspective, in that, there are blogs that argue about its effectiveness. Both for and against.

I think this video goes some way to putting an end to that debate. This was just a friendly sparing match and I have no way of knowing the real level of skill of either of the people in it. But it is clear that there were a number of moves done by the Aikido practitioner that tested and even caught off guard the Judoka despite him saying that he knew the move himself. Therefore one has to conclude that with surprise and just like Judo, walking or being led into the setup, Aikido can be effective and can defeat Judo.

Thus my rule of thumb that I try to teach all my students:

'Never assume greater knowledge than your opponent.”


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