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What Is The Best Age To Start Judo?

What Is The Best Age To Start Judo?

The best age to start doing Judo is now. Of course, if you are asking about young children can start then you should read How Old Must My Child Be To Start Judo?. But if you are asking for yourself or an older child then the answer is that, as I have said, “the best time to start Judo is now”.

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I've had Judoka (student of Judo) starting as young as 4-year-old though I prefer New Judoka to be a little older. I was 9 when I started and I have had Judoka start at 40.

As a New Judoka it matters little what your age is as you’ll participate at your own pace there is always a general warm-up and stretching period to help avoid injury. You'll be working with a divers range of player all of which have the goal of looking after you because they know that that is the best way for them to improve.

Several of my students are over 60 and in my club I have had a 93 year old participating. Naturally they do a different type of Judo to those who want to do competition but Judo has always been divers.

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The starting age is also not really a factor because whatever you want to achieve in Judo, fitness, self-defence, competing at whatever level, it just depends on what, how and how much you practice.

So what then is the best age to start judo? The best age is now!

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