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Judo Uchi Mata - High Pull Tight Body Version

Judo Uchimata

This version of the Judo Throw Uchi Mata is a high pull tight body version and even if this is not your favourite verstion you will get a lot out of studying it. 

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The history of Uchi Mata is quite long. There are many different versions of it. There are cliffsnotes in this video about that history that I didn’t know about.

The motion of this version of Uchi Mata is in a very high overhead arc and so we have to make very high pulls to make this happen. Instead of just pulling straight up you have to pull almost around behind you to bring Uke up and around and then the control hand is going to also pull forward.

Tori steps across and draws Uke up around behind you. This version has to be a very high pull whilst stepping into a twisted stance with Tori's side up against the front of Uke’s body so that the leg is exposed.

Your hip has to stop halfway and make contact with the centre of Uke’s body and tight body contact.

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Tori’s leg goes straight up Uke's middle as they tipped and at the same time raised up.

At this point, it is critical that Tori pulls Uke's arm that is being held. There is no way to complete the throw well if Tori is not pulling Uke’s arm.

Good body contact works best but even if the body contact is not good this throw can still be very effective as long as Uke’s arm is pulled as Tori tips Uke forward and raises the leg. This is absolutely necessary if you end up with Uke not bearing weight on the leg Tori want to throw with. Otherwise as is pointed out in the video it becomes an exercise in who can lift their leg highest.

The beauty of this version is that it forces Uke onto the leg you want to throw and therefore it is much more straightforward to do so.

This video has a lot going for it including how to overcome resistance with combination throws.

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