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To Do Judo Will I Need Special Equipment or Mouth Guards?

You don't need any special equipment unless you consider a Judogi (Judo uniform) special equipment and even that can be provided if needed.

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Some chose to wear a mouth guard but usually, that is only as they get more advanced. But that is up to you and unless you have a particular need most chose not to wear one.

Judo does not need any protective gear or helmets. Shoulder pads and shin pads, chest pads and cups are all unnecessary. You could choose to wear them but most everyone considers it unnecessary as there is no kicking or punching in regular Judo training.

Kata does have some kicking and punching but Juniors do not do this and it is all prearranged so nobody actually connects. If you decide late in your training to do Kata you may end up investing in some wooded weapons. But no beginner has ever needed that. It is only something that you may consider later on.

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Even the Judogi is not strictly for protection although some may argue that it protects your street clothing by changing into it.

Judoka is taught how to fall from the very start and that is all you need to know to protect yourself in class. This may take a few weeks so you can depend on your partner to look after you.

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