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To Do Judo What should I wear?

What should I wear to do Judo?

Surprisingly it is less important to know "what should I wear to do Judo" and more important that you know what not to wear. I will deal with that more towards the end. But to start to do Judo, generally, more on that too in a moment, all you need is casual knockabout clothing and you may be offered a loaner jacket.

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  Casual Knockabout Clothing

When I get an enquiry about starting Judo, it is of course, not unusual to be asked about what type of clothing should be worn for the first lessons. My answer is always, "Though I have never had it happen I like to describe the choice of clothing to wear as something that you don't mind if it gets torn.

  Junior Beginners

Junior beginners just need comfortable knockabout clothing as described above. If you decide that you love it and that will be no surprise then you will want to buy a uniform (Judogi).

We may be able to help you with a per-honoured uniform (used) and that will be much cheaper if you have one that fits in stock. If not then a new one is your option. They are about $80.00 at the time of writing this.

  Seniors Beginners

Seniors will need at least a Judo jacket to wear over their knockabout clothing. Usually, a loaner jacket is provided for you for your first few classes until you are ready to purchase one of your own. If you like the loner the full Judo uniform (Judogi) that goes with the jacket can usually be bought at a much cheaper price than a new one. But if you want a new one we can help with that too.

What NOT to wear

For safety reasons should not wear, rings, earrings or piercings of any kind, as these could result in injury to yourself or others. If you have trouble taking them out you should cover them with heavy padding for the first few lessons. When you decide you are going to continue with us you may have to rethink that.

Also avoid buttons, zips, chains, necklaces, pendants or any other wearable item that could be broken or caught on yourself or other students.

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  Your Own Judogi Blue or White

When you decide to continue Judo you will want to purchase your own Judogi. There are two types. Blue ones and White ones. Whilst you are training in the club or school you only need one or the other and it is usually your choice which. But if you decide to do a competition you may what to have both.

Having both is only a requirement at top-level Judo competitions. In local competitions, it is generally not compulsory, in that you can choose to only have a white Judogi.

  Men's And Women's Uniforms

There is only one difference between men's and woman's Uniforms and that is what they wear underneath their jackets. Women are allowed to wear a t-shirt and certain types of bras. Other than that they are the same.

So there you have it What to wear when you do Judo".


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