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Build Your Judo Students Up

Build Your Judo Students Up and Don't Break Them.

Build your Judo students up don't break them. You can control a class by breaking their spirit but such subjugation only makes you nothing more than a pathetic dictator. Your students will grow to resent you and eventually all dictators fall. Usually, at the hands of those, they tried to subjugate.

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Better to wrestle with controlled chaos and end up with confident people with a healthy spirit.

Use what you need from my information above and discard what you don't need but please remember one thing; the most important thing that I have learned:

When it comes to discipline “Be consistent”: everything works as long as you are consistent.

If you attempt to control the chaos with chaos, you will only end up with chaos. Don't whatever you do say: “if you do that {naming this crime} then that {naming the punishment} will happen”, only to do something else, or worse still do nothing at all.

Praise Good Behavior Rather Than Pointing Out Bad

Since attention is often the purpose of bad behaviour it’s surprising how quickly many of my misbehaving students will come into line once they realize that different behaviour is getting my attention. Of course, you have to be disciplined to redirect your attention and you can’t ignore unsafe behaviour let alone make someone a teacher's pet.

All the above can be done very simply by praising good behaviour rather than pointing out bad.

There is a philosophy that argues that we praise our kids too much. It argues that in the “real world,” we only get praised for outstanding efforts. Even if this is true there is never any problem with parsing a child for something that they have achieved that they haven't achieved before, even if they achieve it poorly.

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Deal With Behaviour Not The Student

I Do Not allow my frustration to boil over and start Labeling my students, or worse still calling them names. I have always named the issue i.e. “What you did was dangerous”, “That {name the action} was stupid”, and “Your misbehaviour has landed you into trouble”.

By doing this I have always been able to come back to any student that challenges me on any comment I have made to them by saying: “I called your behaviour ‘….,’ I never said you were ‘…’. You are not…’ and I hope you will never be ‘…’”.

Fix The Problem Not The Blame

Dealing with your Judo students well, will and should never be easy. If you think it is you are just not building good relationships. I work very hard at not letting my focus on a problem drift onto the student. Because a student is having problems with something I ask them to do, does not mean they not trying. Nor does it mean that they are a bad student. It’s possible that it’s not the student at all.

It may be I am not communicating in a way they can grasp what I am saying. I am always prepared to change the way I communicate (my words, my phrases, my movements) before blaming the student. I ask if they have any questions and I avoid being dismissive of their questions. Be aware that some students learn kinetically, some visually, and some audiological. Be prepared to change to what works best.

In other words make sure it is actual misbehaviour, not just a child struggling.

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