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Making Friends Online - Kidpower Shorts: Episode 10

Making Friends Online

If you are going to spend any time making friends online then it is important to make safe and healthy connections and friendships this video below has some good tips.

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Using awareness to determine whether an online space is safe, paying attention to how people behave and whether the rules of the space are consistent with one's values are all good practices. You should also look for communities where people are acting safely and respectfully. Be wary of those that pressure individuals to conform to certain beliefs or change in order to be included.

when making friends online, we should be treating our online friendships like real-life friendships. That is we should take our time to build them engaging in shared interests and getting to know each other better. However, we should avoid sharing personal information and follow the same boundaries one would in real life, and pay attention to how others behave and respond to our boundaries.

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Awareness and critical. Pay attention to how people behave in online spaces, such as whether they treat others with respect and follow the rules of the community. Use critical thinking and awareness to assess the behaviour of others, including whether they respect privacy boundaries and encourage safe choices. Set boundaries with others and assess their responses to those boundaries as a way to decide whether to spend more time with them or not.

Finally, they encourage individuals to trust their gut feelings and proceed with caution if they feel unsure or unsafe around someone online then don't hesitate to create some distance between yourself and them.

There is more in the video (below) and you should take the time to watch it. Making friends online is a skill and you need to use good information to help you build those skills. You can find lots more valuable information about being safe at library videos shorts series

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