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Is Judo Good For Discipline?

Is Judo Good For Discipline?

I think that there is little question that Judo develops self-discipline as well as control as well as many other desirable characteristics. My article on Kid's Judo has lots of them. But I think that the question of discipline needs to be more closely defined.

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The problem is that lots of people mean different things when it comes to Martial Arts. For some, the question is about whether a child will learn to behave themselves. Whereas for others it's about whether one will develop good control of their emotions. For still others, it means whether one will develop good listening or study skills.

As to whether a child will develop good behaviour from doing Judo again it can depend on what you mean by good behaviour.

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I came across this problem when I first started teaching Judo. Often I get asked if Judo was good for discipline. I said yes but it turned out that the parents and I often had very different ideas as to what that meant. It was for this reason that I wrote my article, “What is Discipline in Martial Arts Training?”. and I expanded on this with What is Discipline in a Judo Class. for those of you interested I have a download called "How I am Managing Student Behavior In Class" With lots of tricks and tips that I used to manage my Judo classes.

Again let me say that there is no question in my mind that Judo is good for discipline. But you may want to consider what you mean by discipline and what I mean by discipline are the same.

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