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Real Knife Fighting Techniques

I was attached by someone with a knife once. Not fun, but I managed to safely disarm the attacker. To be fair it was done mostly by persuasion and a gentle physics help but it was still not my preferred thing to do.

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I'm not really into MMA or practising knife fighting but there are knife attacks in Judo Kata and I am always interested from a technical point of view.

One of the things that always concerns me about many of the videos that are put up as knife defences is the presenters apparent sense of oblivion to the dangers in a real knife fight. Do they think knives don't cut?

One experiment I did once with the Kata was to put coloured chalk on wooden practice knives. This we could test our skills in a safe and fun way.

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Unfortunately we had not taken into account just how hard it is to get pink chalk out of white Judogi. I think you may have worked out from that last sentence that there were quite few simulated knife wounds. However we did manage to improve our technique significantly since there was some consequence to the wooden knife slicing across white Judogi.

This little exercise only served to enhance my concern about dubious knife defences. But I have come across a video course by a guy call Trav that took the time to demonstrate many of these flaws.

If you interested in realistic knife fighting techniques, take some time to study them

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