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Is Your Judo Student The Right Fit For Your Class?

Is Your Judo Student The Right Fit For Your Class?

Is Your Judo Student The Right Fit For Your Class? To know this is not just good class management but good skill and personal development. There are few more difficult students to manage than a bored student (Judoka) or one that is struggling to keep up.

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This is easy to fix if you have multiple classes at different levels. All you have to do is move the Judoka around until you find a class that they fit into.

Example 1: you may have a class that is smaller than the others and it may be good to move a child into that class just because they will get more attention.

Example 2: your difficulties may be because there is not a big enough challenge. Always taking into consideration the safety factors, try putting the challenging Judoka into the advanced class. Even if they are not of the right age or advanced enough it may be worth the move. If they can't cope that is not necessarily a bad thing as you can put them back in their original class with a challenge that if they can now aim to get better so they can return to the advanced class as soon as they are ready.

However, some of us don't have multiple classes. So we have to try other options.

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Most clubs would however have a senior class so one of the things that I have done is to invite my bored juniors to join the seniors. There is a great deal more taught in a senior class, or at least there should be and as long as the seniors are aware that they are dealing with a junior they are usually very considerate.

I make it a practice as a matter of course, to invite all my juniors to attend the senior class once they reach the age of 12 anyway so it is not a big stretch to invite other juniors as appropriate.

If going to the senior class is not an option then the other possibility is to get the difficult student to teach a fellow Judoka or perhaps even a group or even a whole class occasionally. Giving a student more responsibility is often just as good as giving them more challenging things to do.

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