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Tsuri Goshi: Master Judo's Powerful Hip Throw Technique

"History and Execution: Unraveling the Tsuri Goshi Judo Technique"

Tsuri Goshi, which translates to "lifting hip," is a Judo technique that involves lifting the opponent from above, not from below. I have discussed Tsuri Goshi before but this video has much more detail on how to use the lifting action of the throw as well as a sliver of history on how it was originally used.

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Tsuri Goshi is a koshi-waza and is characterized by the belt grab associated with the technique. It should be noted that it is not the same as O Goshi, where the belt is wrapped around the waist. Tsuri Goshi has more sophistication and historical significance, as it originated on the battlefield.

In ancient times, warriors wore heavy belts around their abdomen under their clothing, making it a natural grip point when facing sword attacks. By grabbing the opponent's belt during an attack, the warrior could block the sword strike, throw the opponent down, and even disarm them.

There are two basic forms of Tsuri Goshi: O Tsuri Goshi and Ko Tsuri Goshi. O Tsuri Goshi involves reaching over the opponent's arm and grabbing the belt from behind, while Ko Tsuri Goshi involves reaching under the opponent's arm and grabbing the belt from the front.

To execute O Tsuri Goshi, one stands toe to toe with the opponent, grabs their belt from behind the arm, and then off-balances them forward. The movement is generated by a combination of hip twisting, pushing off towards the front, and creating a lifting motion with the hand holding the belt. The opponent's forward momentum and the lift help in executing the throw. Unlike other techniques like O Goshi, Tsuri Goshi requires less bending of the knees due to the significant lift generated.

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The key to making Tsuri Goshi effective is to achieve centred movement and create a rhythm that brings all the components together. The practitioner needs to coordinate the hip movement, body movement, and the draw on the opponent's arm to create the off-balance required for the throw. The left hand follows the rotation of the body during the technique.

Defending against Tsuri Goshi can be challenging. A common counter is Seoi Nage, where the opponent grabs the attacker's belt as they come in for the throw and executes their own throw. Another defence is Tobi Goshi, a jumping hip throw, where the defender attempts to ride the attacker's technique forward and counter with their own hip technique.

Tsuri Goshi is a sophisticated Judo technique that involves lifting the opponent from above using the belt grip. It requires proper coordination of movements and a strong sense of timing to execute effectively.

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