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What is Sutemi in Judo? - Yoko Wakare Example

What is Sutemi in Judo? - Yoko Wakare Example

"Sutemi" is often translated as sacrifice throws. "Sutemi Wasa" is a sacrifice technique. That is correct but it doesn't really capture the sense of what it's about.

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“Sute” means to throw away something. To throw away something, to put it in the garbage. When you throw it away something you abandon it, give it up.

"Mi” means the body. So you're giving away your body. You're just throwing your body away. So you abandon yourself to the technique. You really throw yourself. Give yourself up to the throw. That's Sutemi.

Another example of the use of Sute in practice, you may have used Sutmi Gake O. Gake O means literally throw away and throw it away throw away practice. It's when you do rapid repetitions of a technique just to work on the forum, not so much power. Just trying to get the rhythm and everything. It's a throwaway practice.

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So Suite means to throw it away or to abandon it. This is important because Satimi Waza is not a lying down throw. I've seen people do the Sutemi where it looks like they're they've gone home for nap time. They lay down on the floor and they're going to throw.

If you do that you're not adding anything to the throw. There's no reason to go down, there's no reason to give up your standing position if that's what you're going to do.

The idea is to throw yourself into it. You're giving your body into this and creating a lot of momentum which is going to help rip your opponent off the ground and throw. So you really want to move the body and put it into the technique and that's what Sutemi is all about.

The example is Yoko Wakare. Moving to generate some momentum and then I'm going to really throw my body into it to finish. This is Sutemi.

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