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Judo's Ashi Guruma Throw: Leg Wheel

Judo's Ashi Guruma -Leg Wheel

Ashi-Guruma uses the opposite foot in order to hold Uke's leg. It is an old technique and is rumoured to be used to take your opponent's sword away from them whilst applying this particular throw while Uke is suffering a wrist lock.

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    This is a powerful technique. Useful in Randori and Shiai and is widely used.

  • It is easier to do if your opponent has their right foot slightly back.

  • From the right side technique, you're going to draw your opponent forward and balance them onto their front as you rotate make the entire body

  • Turn your back towards them but you are off to one side.

  • This is a big advantage when you have opponents has stiff arms making it hard for you to get into their body. With this techniques you are way out to the side and their stiff arms work to your advantage not having any impact on the technique.

  • You swinging around at arms length and place your leg somewhere around the knee of your partner.

  • You want to create some momentum (Kazumi), making a sharp Tai Sabaki (Turn) into the technique.

  • As you place the leg across the right hand is going to lift up and the left hand is coming around and this brings Uke around the outstretched leg.

  • Then turn like a steering wheel.

  • You have to be very strong to do that so you turn on your standing leg and bring Uke around your outstretched leg.

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Notice that the leg does not sweep it's a holding motion.

The most common placement of the leg across the knee (ish) is your foot is on the outside of Uke's knee and your toe is pointed down.

This technique may require some time to take effect you can't rush this technique you can make a strong movement and set it up but you can't just apply the leg and expect them to hit the ground instantly there's some air time this technique accelerates as it builds and the power generates behind that so you can't give up too quickly.

There is more to know about this throw but you will have to watch the video to find it out.

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