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Ju No Kata Including Footwork & Kuzushi

Ju No Kata Including Footwork and Kuzushi

Judo kata is hard enough to perform whilst in full contact with your partner but to do it without contact and only using camera tricks to make it look like they are in contact is just very clever.

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This shadow Juno kata performance, to demonstrate a social distancing version of the kata, is not only great performance of shadow Kata we could all learn clearly the footwork of the Kata at the beginning of the video. And although in normal performance of Juno kata one learns a lot about Kazushi this I think would be an even more powerful learning method.

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One of my favourite ways to use Juno Kata is as a stretching exercise at the beginning of class. You really cannot get a better stretching exercise that is judo specific. Of course, used this way there is no need to be quite as exacting with the movements. To see the skill of these practitioners makes me wonder if this kata would work as a solo stretching exercise as well. It would make a great alternative to Tandoku Renshu to ad variety.

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