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Judo Awareness Game - Belt Segment spin (Not just Kids Judo)

Judo Awareness Game - Belt Segment spin (Not just Kids Judo)

Here is a little video of a Judo game that I use to help my Judoka be more aware of their movement and feet placement.

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Not just limited to kids' Judo, this game uses the belt segment that I use in Judo Game: Belt Segment Pickup with Feet and is particularly useful in association with throws like Hiza-Garuma and Sase-Suri-Komi-Ashi. But it can also be used for hip throws or any kind of throw where there is of spinning action that can be associated with it.

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The idea is to randomly place the belt segment all over the mat and then get the student in pairs to spin around and try and throw each other. But if they stand on a belt segment they have to stop and allow themselves to be thrown by their partner.

It has the bonus of being a lot of fun as you can hear the laughter coming from the sound of the video.

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