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Judo Game: Belt Segment Pickup with Feet

Judo Game: Belt Segment Pickup with Feet

This video (below) shows a Judo game I play with my Judoka that goes by the very original name "Belt Segment Pickup with Feet". It teaches students to turn their feet and remember how it feels to do it.

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Turning feet is incredibly important in all Ashi Waza - leg throw practice. Turning your feet so that the pad of your foot connects with your Uke's leg not only avoids kicking them but is also a more powerful execution and most juniors don't know how to do it.

Truth be told, judging by the number of seniors that have kicked me in the leg trying to execute a leg throw they are no better at it either.

Getting the Judoka to do this Judo game gets them feeling what it is like to turn their foot and then all you have to do is say "remember how it felt to turn your foot when you did the belt segment pickup game", whenever they are doing leg throws.

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The students are all blindfolded except one. the non-blindfolded players' job is to randomly place something soft on the ground and verbally direct the other judoka to that something.

I repurpose old belts that have reached the point of no return and cut them up into segments (thus the term "Belt Segment Pickup"). They are soft and easy to store or transport and gives old belt another life.

What was kinda funny was that the kids are all blindfolded and they are clearly cheating. They thought that I didn't know but it was kinda obvious. Why was I not upset by these shenanigans? Well, it was a game and they were having fun and the idea was that, without them even knowing it, they learn to turn their feet.

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