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Judo Game: Breakfall Tiggi

Judo Game: Breakfall Tiggi

This is a fun Judo game called Breakfall Tiggi. The kids love it and it is a way for them to actively practice their breakfalls without being thrown.

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The rules are simple:
  • Choose someone to be it to start with using whatever method you like
  • You cannot be tagged if you are in the process of doing a breakfall
  • The Judoka must do the breakfall that is specified or they become it
  • In the video you will hear me calling out "side breakfall only" and those that did back breakfall became it.
  • Depending on the skill of the students you can add rules such as:
    • If your head touches the mat you are "it"
    • If you hit the mat with the back side of your hand you are "it"
    • If you hit the...[safety element -Wall, edge of the mat, go outside the competition area, add your own] you are "it"
  • If you stay on the ground too long you are "it" (you must get straight up from doing a breakfall)
  • If you are approached by "it" and you run away instead of doing a breakfall you are "it"
  • If you stand still too long you are "it" (you must keep moving)
There is one other necessary rule:

Whoever is "it" is not allowed to stand guard over someone they must keep moving or the Judoka they are guarding gets a free pass until "it" goes away.

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This is a very fast Judo game that not only teaches active breakfalling but also spacial awareness. The kids need to know where they are or they will land on someone else.

Whoever is in charge of the game needs to also be constantly alert. You will hear me in the background "refereeing".

Most importantly the kids love this game and are almost oblivious to the fact that they are improving their skills.

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