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Judo Game: Judo Rolls (Zenpo Kaiten Ukemi) on an Exercise Ball

A Judo Game For Judo Rolls (Zenpo Kaiten Ukemi) with an Exercise Ball

This little video is a demonstration of a Judo game that I play with all my Judoka to improve their Judo rolls (Zenpo Kaiten Ukemi) using an exercise ball.

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Way more Judoka, but particularly junior Judoka, have trouble with their Judo rolls than I really like to think about. Yet a Judo roll is possibly the most used breakfall (I've often wondered if it should be spelled brakefall). The vast majority of throws result in Uki falling via a roll. So it makes sense to find ways to help improve them for everyone.

I find the exercise ball method here demonstrated by juniors (but I hope you can see the application to all Judoka) to be the easiest way to help fix rolls. More than anything because, presented as a Judo game, it is fun.

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One of my Sensei explained the importance of learning to roll correctly this way, "if you are round you roll if you are flat you go splat". That was quite enough motivation for me to not only get it right for myself but to teach others to get it right also.

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