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Sasae-Tsurikomi-Ashi - Supporting Foot Lift-Pull Throw

Sasae-Tsurikomi-Ashi - Supporting Foot Lift-Pull Throw

Often considered to be a foot blocking throw Sasae-Tsurikomi-Ashi has a lot more going on than just that. Although not a timing throw arms and legs still have to work together to make it work.

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I think that the translation of this throw lends a lot to the understanding of how it works:

Ashi means Foot or Leg. Tsurikomi more or less in this context means lift-pull it can also be applied as hanging or fishing. I add this information to help with the understanding of how the throw should be executed. Sasae means Support. That the name of this throw can be translated as "Supporting foot lift-pull throw"

If you think in terms of fishing or hanging out to dry the lifting part of this throw takes on a new bit of a new perspective. Check out the video and note the position of the arms. this is not how most people execute this throw. Most feel compelled to pull their Uke down to the ground whereas Tori should be lifting Uke up. It is the lifting action the is the Kuzushi breaking of the balance.

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It is also worth noting that Tori's foot does not have to be on Uke's foot for this to be effective. Although personally, I think it is more effective if it is on the instep rather than the leg but as long as it is on the lower part of the leg it will work fine. Provided the balance has been broken effectively.

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